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June 2017 Archives

What is a Design Patent and How Do I Protect It? (part 1 of 2)

Blog Post Picture - Snip It - Capture.PNGA design patent protects the ornamental appearance of an article of manufacture. The design must be new, original and nonobvious. Design patents cover one or both of surface ornamentation on an article and the shape or form of the article. Design patent protection can be used for a wide range of subject matter such as a computer mouse, handle on a fork, tire tread design, floral pattern on a fabric, detergent tablets, portion of a shoe, and computer-generated icon.

HBW is Proud to Announce that Sikander Khan Joins the Firm's Associate Ranks

Sikander Khan - small picture - Capture.PNGIt is with great pride that we announce that Sikander Khan was formally sworn in as an attorney on May 16, 2017 by the Honorable Judge Marcus Max Gunkel.

The "WA" (和) of Patentable Subject Matter in Japan

While Alice v. CLS Bankcorp has touched off a firestorm of confusion in the patent community about what constitutes patent eligible software in the United States, our colleagues in Japan seem to be enjoying relative harmony () with their patent system.