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HBW Supports Challenge Day 2017

Challenge Day is a program with a mission that is focused on providing youth and their communities with engaging experiential programs that provoke deep introspection among students, understanding and empathy for the challenges of their classmates, and discovery by the students that they are not alone with their own challenges. The goal of Challenge Day is to cultivate an environment that breaks through teenage emotional barriers, and changes students for the better.

Enthusiastic about the community, you can imagine that HBW jumped at the chance to support and assemble a team for Challenge Day this year, which took place on March 1 at Half Moon Bay High School. HBW's culture is based on fostering a cohesive team, bonded to one-another in the spirit of mutual respect and trust in the service of our clients. We felt an immediate parallel to what Challenge Day is dedicated to achieving, and signed on immediately.

To HBW Partner Warren Wolfeld, Challenge Day is "... near and dear to (his) heart." He became acquainted with Challenge Day when his daughter attended the event while in high school. "It literally changed her life," he said. She was so moved by Challenge Day that she went on to focus her studies in college on social justice issues due to the tremendous impact the program had on her personally.

Wolfeld felt participation in Challenge Day was a natural fit for HBW. He continued, "... the firm's team members found Challenge Day to be not only personally gratifying, but also highly effective in helping today's youth grow into dynamic leaders and secure individuals." He further elaborated that the HBW team was "... moved by the openness of both the students and faculty, and recognized how the topics addressed also impact interactions with one-another on a daily basis."

Billy Palmen, Director of Docketing, attended the Challenge Day event. He noted that"... Challenge Day allowed (him) to dive into community support focused on high school adolescents, and that the day brought everyone together in support of youth in our community to show and remind us all that we are not alone when facing the challenges of everyday life and growing up." He went on to say that "... the challenge is to now bring the sentiment into our everyday lives by making Challenge Day - every day."

An experiential social and emotional learning program that provides the opportunity to ignite a shift toward greater school connectedness, empathy and inclusivity, Challenge Day is marked with music and interactive exercises and is led by energetic, relatable and highly trained facilitators. The program is known and valued for going beyond traditional anti-bullying efforts, building empathy and inspiring a school-wide movement of compassion and positive change, as well as for addressing common topics ranging from cliques, gossip and rumors; to teasing, harassment and isolation; to racism, sexism, bullying and violence, to name only a few.

For more information about Challenge Day, please visit www.challengeday.org.

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