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HBW is Proud to Announce that Executive Director Nicole Nowak will Serve as President-Elect of the ALA, Silicon Valley Chapter

It is a pleasure to announce that Nicole Nowak, our Executive Director, has been elected to the President track of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA). She is committed to three years of service as President-Elect, President and Past President. We applaud Nicole's strong commitment to the betterment of our community, profession and industry and her dedication to constant development, challenge and professional improvement.

Why is this important? Because it ultimately serves our clients.

Serving as President-Elect of the Silicon Valley Chapter affirms Nicole's focus on keeping our firm at the forefront of our industry and region. High-level participation in the ALA not only benefits our managers and firm, it also tells our clients that we care deeply about continuously improving our operations, expanding our network and compounding their investment in us. Those who have worked with Nicole to review our firm's performance and what we can do to better serve clients will recognize her ALA service as an extension of unwavering business initiative and personal drive, as well as her steadfast commitment to remaining ahead of the curve in patent prep and prosecution, as well as licensing support.

I have no doubt that Nicole's hands-on role as President-Elect will generate important dialogues with her peers, with law firm executive directors regarding where our industry is headed, and help her guide our firm's long- and short-term objectives. Nicole's face-to-face and active participation will give us further access to innovative business practices, novel business strategies and cutting-edge technologies as we continue to expand our regional presence, reputation and political contacts in order to create tangible value for our clients. She has taken on this role in addition to chairing CPA Global's First-to-File Software Innovation Board and Independent Users Group.

We greatly appreciate Nicole's dedication to the firm and to the larger patent community.

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