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May 2017 Archives

Who was John Montegu and what can he teach us about who can be named as an Inventor on our patent application?

As company patent counsel, we are frequently called upon to determine who is properly named as an inventor on a patent application according to the US patent laws when we prepare a patent application. It may surprise you when we as patent counsel add or sometimes even delete persons to the named inventors on a disclosure when we prepare a patent application. This can occur when we uncover facts during the disclosure meeting that we conduct prior to preparing the patent application.

Collegiality is Key: HBW Welcomes Experienced Paralegal Laura Kirton

We are proud to announce that Laura Kirton has joined our firm as a Paralegal in the Half Moon Bay office. Laura has worked as a patent prosecution paralegal for more than ten years. She comes to HBW with both big- and mid-sized law firm experience, and notes she was drawn to HBW for our more personalized, small-firm culture.

Client News: Clean Tech Company Climeon Endorsed by Sir Richard Branson

HBW clean tech client Climeon was recently featured in a YouTube video that discusses how Climeon and Sir Richard Branson aim to change the way electricity is produced on cruise ships.

When is an Invention Ready for Patenting?

Can I just file patent applications based on my ideas... like Company X's water-cooled power generators that sit in the ocean? You know, the ideas that our company will likely never build. But can I still get patented anyway?

HBW Supports Challenge Day 2017

Challenge Day is a program with a mission that is focused on providing youth and their communities with engaging experiential programs that provoke deep introspection among students, understanding and empathy for the challenges of their classmates, and discovery by the students that they are not alone with their own challenges. The goal of Challenge Day is to cultivate an environment that breaks through teenage emotional barriers, and changes students for the better.

HBW is Proud to Announce that Executive Director Nicole Nowak will Serve as President-Elect of the ALA, Silicon Valley Chapter

It is a pleasure to announce that Nicole Nowak, our Executive Director, has been elected to the President track of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA). She is committed to three years of service as President-Elect, President and Past President. We applaud Nicole's strong commitment to the betterment of our community, profession and industry and her dedication to constant development, challenge and professional improvement.