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Professional Development: Paralegal Kelly Huber Celebrates a Decade of Service to HBW

As Executive Director of HBW, I constantly think about our professional team members and their ongoing job satisfaction. It is common knowledge that attracting and, more importantly, retaining extraordinary talent aids in better serving clients across all substantive legal disciplines.

Paralegal Kelly Huber has served our firm for just over ten years now. On a milestone such as this, I have the opportunity to directly ask what it is about HBW that anchors her to our firm in today's competitive market for top talent. Over the course of our conversation, a variety of topics emerged. First and foremost, Kelly enjoys the team members with whom she works, and considers many of them to be personal friends - her "office family" so to speak. As a smaller law firm, we function as a close-knit, collaborative team in order to provide world-class legal advice and extraordinary service.

What I did enjoy hearing about was that Kelly personally values our investment in her continuous professional development. Kelly commented that she "... not only enjoys and likes the people with whom she works and the flexibility we allow her, but also the opportunity to learn about new areas of the law by expanding her work-related skills and allowing her to cultivate her professional interests." She continued that the firm "... encourages and supports opportunities of enrichment in terms of investing time and resources into her professional development." She went on to say that this "... motivates her to focus on achieving higher levels of success and excellence."

Kelly, who is primarily focused on international patent prosecution, specifically pointed out that she appreciated that when she wanted to learn more about the domestic patent prosecution process, the firm gladly supported her effort with the time and resources she needed to get started. In addition, HBW is in the process of applying to be MCLE accredited, and we also offer training events lead by HBW team members, including our "Brown Bag" and "Pastry Series," which receive consistently positive feedback. This is only one example of our commitment to helping our professionals expand their abilities and therefore, their overall value to the firm, to our clients and in the broader marketplace as a whole.

At HBW, we encourage our team members at all levels to flourish and prosper. We believe that investing in our professionals and allowing them to become "super stars" creates loyalty over the course of their careers. We also know, from practical experience and direct investment, that the ongoing pursuit of education is a critical element of consistently outstanding performance and overall job satisfaction.

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