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Opportunity for Mentorship: HBW Welcomes "Rookie" Patent Engineer Kamaram Munira

Finding the right professionals, at any level of their careers, is an ongoing goal of our firm. Whether you are in your first year of service or decades into it, attracting the right team members is paramount to the success of our firm and the service of our clients.

We are thrilled to have recently hired Kamaram Munira as a Patent Engineer. "Kam" (as she is known around the firm) is recognized in the electrical engineering field for strong and multi-dimensional technical and research skills. With a B.S. in Computer Science (with high honors and a certificate in Nanomaterials) from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Kam completed her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia and dissertation on "Achieving Low Energy and Reliable Performance in Magnetic Memory and Logic." She was honored with the Louis T. Rader Graduate Research Award from the University of Virginia, and the President's Undergraduate Research Award from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Kam has also completed two postdoctoral fellowships. The first at the University of Alabama and the second at Micron Technologies.

Of course we knew why HBW wanted Kamaram Munira... but what was it about HBW specifically, that made us stand out among the many other potential employers? Kam answered with clarity and acuity of thought, noting that she "... was attracted to HBW not only because of the firm's reputation, diverse clients and interesting work, but also for the opportunity for ongoing, personalized mentorship." She went on to elaborate that "... because it is early in her career, a supportive environment where she could be challenged and coached, on a day-to-day basis, to hone and expand her skills and paradigm in the law firm environment and business played a critical role in her decision to choose HBW."

At HBW, we embrace the concept of mentoring as a professional development tool; it is a part of our cultural mission. Through the mentoring process, we have personally experienced improvements in efficiency, productivity and, of course, the sharing of institutional knowledge and skills from one professional to the next. Because of the longevity of our lawyers and professional staff, mentorship at all levels takes place. One of the oldest forms of knowledge sharing, mentoring is a proven tool that HBW uses to nurture and grow our professionals. Simply, mentorship allows individuals such as Kam to observe, question and explore, while veteran professionals demonstrate, explain and/or model.

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