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Collegiality is Key: HBW Welcomes Experienced Paralegal Laura Kirton

On behalf of Haynes Beffel & Wolfeld LLP by Nicole Nowak, Executive Director

We are proud to announce that Laura Kirton has joined our firm as a Paralegal in the Half Moon Bay office. Laura has worked as a patent prosecution paralegal for more than ten years. She comes to HBW with both big- and mid-sized law firm experience, and notes she was drawn to HBW for our more personalized, small-firm culture.

When I asked Laura why she made the move to HBW, she noted that she wanted a "home away from home" with a law firm whose culture is not only stimulating, but also supportive and stresses the importance of one-on-one relationships. She continued to talk about how these relationships extend to clients and to the community in which she lives and works. Laura noted that HBW "...cares about regional issues that reflect everyday life here in the bay area."

It is certainly no secret that collegiality matters at work - regardless of the size and type of organization. A desire for more personal relationships and an interactive culture among professionals, clients and the community at large is something I hear about again and again when it comes to finding the right career fit and achieving a higher level of job satisfaction.

At HBW, we focus on continuously cultivating collegiality, which is manifest through our dedication to exercising mutual respect, the open sharing of ideas and knowledge, an unwavering commitment to problem-solving and active participation in the community at large. We make a point of setting up our workplace so that personal connection can thrive across many areas, ranging from learning and skills development, to sharing and support, to networking and association involvement, to philanthropic initiatives and beyond. Our "team spirit" has enabled us to create an environment of trust and open communication - important components of lasting collegiality.

During the interview Laura asked, "... if our culture video was for real?" We followed up after hire, and she noted wittily "...that while she hasn't gone kayaking yet - so far, it's real."

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