Telecommunications, Wireless and Test Equipment

HBW is dedicated helping clients patent and protect telecommunication and wireless technologies, products and services of the future, as well as related test equipment. Our attorneys are dedicated to consistently delivering legal and business insight and the technological understanding required to help our clients to succeed in this fast-paced and ever-evolving industry segment. We are known for our ability to adapt and act quickly. Our diverse backgrounds in technology and the law have allowed us to prosecute some of the most complex technologies and cutting-edge innovations imaginable.

We are involved in intellectual property spanning the spectrum of telecom and wireless related disciplines, ranging from optical, wireless, satellite and landline communications hardware and software systems, to VoIP technologies, Ethernet systems, and wireless and asynchronous transfer mode communications. Our experience also includes test equipment. We advise on patents and other intellectual property pertaining to mobile phones, pagers, hand-held devices, wireless data networks, satellite technologies, and microwave systems, among others.

Our patent prosecution experience includes preparing and filing patent applications on a global scale. We also conduct IP related due diligence in connection with fast-paced mergers and acquisitions. In addition, we draft comprehensive opinions on patent infringement, validity and enforceability, as well as advise clients involved in telecom and wireless related licensing agreements and partnering initiatives. Whether we are involved in patent prosecution in the U.S. or internationally, or advising on ongoing IP portfolio management and protection, our lawyers know first-hand what it takes to leverage and defend the IP assets of today's telecom and wireless companies.

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