Medical Devices

HBW provides legal insight and business perspective regarding the unique landscape and challenges of medical device development and commercialization. We have represented clients ranging from small start-ups to large corporations with extensive patent portfolios. Our experience includes patentability searches, patent application preparation and prosecution, preparing and reviewing licensing agreements, advising on trade secret protection, third party patent evaluations, and IP audits.

We are adept in preparing and prosecuting patents for medical devices in both the U.S. and abroad. We are sensitive to each client's goals pertaining to patent prosecution and IP licensing initiatives, and seek to find the balance between marketing concerns and IP protection.

Our diverse backgrounds in science and technology allow us to quickly understand complex devices and scientific breakthroughs. We have obtained patent protection for a wide range of medical devices including: medical laser systems and therapies; different types of catheters; stent grafts and their delivery systems; safety syringes and other drug delivery devices; handles for deploying and controlling medical devices within a patient; cancerous tissue localization and removal devices; devices for capturing and removing particles within blood vessels; heart valve repair devices; esophageal tissue cryoablation devices; and dental devices.

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