Consumer Electronics

HBW offers patent law counsel to consumer electronics companies of all sizes and at every phase of intellectual property development. We represent manufacturers and distributors involved in products that range from telephones and stereo components; to televisions and digital and video cameras; to 3D printers, smart watches, and smart thermostats; to health and fitness devices, among many others. We work diligently with engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, managers, and investors involved in creating cutting-edge innovations for the consumer electronics industry.

Many of our consumer electronics clients are at the forefront of new generations of products. We are particularly adept at both understanding and analyzing even the most complex technologies, and in designing patents that are distinct, particularly in the area of converging technologies. We also help our clients with the continuous management and enforcement of their global IP assets, and are involved in intellectual property law matters pertaining to mergers, acquisitions, and dispositions.

  • US 7907710: Tethered Digital Butler Consumer Electronic Remote Control Device and Method
  • US 9168464: Baseplate Assembly for Use with Toy Pieces