Nicole A. Nowak


Executive Director

Half Moon Bay Office
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Nicole is the Executive Director of the firm. Nicole is responsible for the ongoing strategic development and operations of the firm. She leads all departments, including Docketing and Patent Prosecution, Finance, Information Technology, Building and Vendor Management, Human Resources and Benefits Administration, Recruiting and Marketing.

Dedicated to best practices, continuous process improvement, software integration, steadfast productivity and acute risk management, Nicole is focused on team building. She continuously cultivates creativity, innovation, camaraderie and harmony among lawyers and professional team members, and the clients they serve. A consummate diplomat, Nicole seeks to lead with integrity and decorum when solving complex problems and overcoming obstacles. Because Nicole has served as an office administrator and IP paralegal/technical specialist at law firms and in-house prior to her current role, she knows first-hand how IP law is practiced, what it takes to succeed from a staff, lawyer and client perspective, as well as the many nuances of intellectual property as a highly specialized discipline of legal practice.

Nicole’s ability to synthesize all of the moving parts of IP law and practice allow her to better identify and align firm services to individual client needs. In addition to converting the firm to a high-functioning, paperless environment, Nicole has negotiated and implemented integrated software solutions, as well as designed and executed department and team/client workflows and procedures to deliver both distinguished work product and service standards. Under Nicole’s leadership, the firm has proactively expanded in human capital resulting in year over year improved financials and overall profitability. Nicole’s truly hands-on and practical view of IP law and practice management allow her to more effectively translate technical solutions to the firm’s daily practice, as well as aid her in consistently improving both efficiencies and productivity.

Nicole currently leads the Software Innovation Board and the Independent Users Group for CPA Global’s First to File IP software. She is also an active member of the Association of Legal Administrators and the National Association of Professional Women.